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Faculty Guide to DU Libraries

Informational Literacy Modules

What are Information Literacy Modules?

The modules provide high-quality, standards-aligned instructional materials on information literacy and critical thinking skills.  They are ideal for supplementing and supporting your classroom instruction, online teaching, or student remediation needs.

The modules have been designed to give a foundation in information literacy, research skills, and critical thinking. Topics are divided into six modules, each containing videos, tutorials, and quizzes.

How to Use the InfoLit Modules?

  • Use flipped classroom modality to deliver essential skills and content, while saving class time for subject-specific instruction
  • Supplement your syllabus and research assignments with information literacy content and quizze
  • Remediate students with point of need instruction with on-demand viewing of embedded materials
  • Partner with your librarian to enhance library presentations to students

How They will Help You & Your Students

  • Enhance instruction with engaging multimedia
  • Configure delivery through Blackboard
  • Create a foundation of critical thinking skills around information literacy
  • Provide integrated assessments
  • Select which elements to use in your classroom
  • Maintain accreditation requirements with standards aligned content (AAC&U, ACRL)
  • Free up classroom time to focus on more discipline-specific content