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Faculty Guide to DU Libraries

Add Links to Blackboard

Add Credo Link to Assignments or Weekly Materials

Steps for adding Credo as a Link:

  • Navigate to where you want the link.
  • Under Build Content, select Web Link.
  • Insert link and hit submit. 

Add Quiz to Blackboard Grade Book

If you want the quiz score to go into your Blackboard grade book you will need to use a different link for the quiz.

  • To get the grade book quiz link, fill out the Credo Quiz for Blackboard Grade Book form, and the link for your grade book will be emailed to you. 
  • After you get that link, fill in the name, the URL, and click on the box This link is to a Tool Provider

  • If you want it to create a column in your Gradebook, select Yes under Enable Evaluation
  • When you select Yes, other choices appear.  Enter the points you wish to assign (the Credo Information Literacy pre-test and post-test are 25 points and the other quizzes are 5 points).

  • Select whether you want the column in the Grade Center to be visible to the students (defaulted to Yes) and if you have a particular due date, you can enter it now as well.
  • If you want to add a description, enter the information in the box.

  • There are additional Blackboard Options you can select:

  • Click Submit and you will see the link in the list and can move it up or down to the desired position.

  • In your Gradebook, you will see this listing or column (depending on the view you are going to) along with the rest of the grade book assignments.