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About DU Libraries

Library Privacy Policy

DU Libraries use Google AnaltyicsTM (see Google Analytics privacy policy) on:

  • ("Summon" a.k.a. "The Library Search Box")
  • ("Library Guides" a.k.a. "LibGuides")
  • ("Library Help" a.k.a. "LibAnswers" or "FAQs")
  • ("LibWizard" a.k.a. "LibSurveys" or "LibForms")
  • ("JournalFinder")
  • ("Library Catalog")

DU Libraries use SpringshareTM internal tools (see Springshare privacy policy) on:

  • ("Library Guides" a.k.a. "LibGuides")
  • ("Library Help" a.k.a. "LibAnswers" or "FAQs")
  • ("LibWizard" a.k.a. "LibSurveys" or "LibForms")

DU Libraries use FullStoryTM (see FullStory privacy policy) on:

  • ("Library Guides" a.k.a. "LibGuides")
  • ("Journal Finder" a.k.a. "Journals By Title")

These tracking tools are used to improve our services and are in compliance with Davenport University's Privacy Policy.

By default users are tracked via these tools. Users may opt-out/opt-in from being tracked by:

  1. Using Google Analytic's Opt-Out Browser Add-On
  2. Visiting the FullStory Opt-Out Link