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Library DIY

Books on my topic

Enter a keyword that describes your topic.

  • In the library catalog, it is usually best to keep your search simple.
  • Examples: bilingual education; consumer behavior; marketing; climate change.

When you find a relevant book, click on the Subjects to see the subject headings. Subject headings describe what a book is about. Click on the subject heading to find more books on your topic.

library catalog


Write down call numbers & location of relevant books.

  • Note the location of the book you want. If it is not located at your campus library, click on the request copy link to place a request to have it sent to your campus library. 
  • Make sure you check the status of the book and that it is available to check out. If not, place a request to be next in line to check the book out.
  • Browse the section for more relevant books. Your catalog search could lead to more than one call number section too.