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Library DIY

Do I need to pay for an article

If you find the perfect article through Google, Google Scholar, or any other database or search engine, and then you are asked to pay for that article - DON’T DO IT! The DU Library can get the article for you without charge, either through print or full text access in our collection, or from another library via Inter-library Loan.

To check whether the DU Library has access to the article, or whether you will need to request that article through Interlibrary Loan, follow these steps:

1. Search one of the databases or the Library Search Box. It is usually easiest to search by title; if you have the exact title use quotation marks around it. It may help to add the author's name if you are doing a general keyword search. If the article is available, there will be a full text or full text PDF link to it.

2. Search the Journals By Title list to see if the library has access to the journal. This will also tell you the years the Library has access to that journal and what database to find it.

3. Try Google Scholar. If you search on campus, or if you are using your computer and have added the DU Library to your Google Scholar Library Links, look for the Full Text @ Davenport U to the right of the article title.

4. If you have trouble determining whether the DU Library has your article, Ask a Librarian! Learn more about finding articles in the Looking for a Specific Article or Looking for a specific journal tabs.