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Library DIY

Info about a specific journal

If you need to find out more about a specific journal

  • Is it peer reviewed?
  • What's their editorial policy?
  • What are their submission policies?
  • What is the scope and focus of the journal?

Looking at the publication record in a database and the publisher's web site are two places to start:

Publication Record in a Database:

By clicking on the publication title in a database, it will tell you if the journal is scholarly and/or peer reviewed. It may also give you a link to the publisher to find out more.



It may also be helpful to go directly to the publisher’s website for a particular journal to get information about editorial and submission policies. Simply searching Google using the name of the journal will often take you to the publisher's website.

It may be difficult to find submission information and editorial policies on the homepage for the journal. There is no standard for where this information is located from web site to web site. Look for About, Contact, Instructions to Authors, Author Guidelines, or Contribute links.