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NURS 415 Evidence-Based Nursing Guide

Evidence-Based Research

How to Write a Clinical Research Question Using PICO

What does PICO (or PICOT) mean?

PICOT is a mnemonic derived from the elements of a clinical research question – patient, intervention, comparison, outcome and (sometimes) time.

From the DU Library

How to Write a Literature Review

The format of a literature review is like any other APA paper.

Resources for Developing the "One-Page" Poster

Research Tips

The databases you will be using are not like Google. Break your question up into smaller keywords and use the Advanced Search function when possible to combine your keywords in your search.

Use "evidence-based" as one of the keywords to search for articles that have "evidence-based" in the abstract. This will usually indicate that the article is about an evidence-based practice topic.

Brainstorm keywords before you begin searching, and as you search. Your search strategies may change as you get to know the database and the terms and subject headings it uses for specific topics.