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Company Research

Points to Consider

Not all company information may be researchable, depending on the type of business; where they are located, or the information they choose not to disclose:

Business entity types - Publicly traded, privately owned, or subsidiary:

  • Publicly Traded - These are companies whose ownership is dispersed in shares of stock which are freely traded on a stock exchange or over-the-counter market. More information is available about publicly traded companies, as they are required to provide financial statements and other documentation to government organizations and regulators.
  • Privately Owned - Typically owned by one individual or a group. Not publicly traded on a securities exchange. Private businesses are not required to disclose any information to the public.
  • Subsidiary - Subsidiaries are owned or controlled by a parent or holding company and usually do not report financial or operational details, but defer to the parent company reports instead.

Location - U.S. or International:

  • Country and local government regulations, business transparency practices, and language will determine the amount of information available.

Non-Available Information:

  • Proprietary information, such as clients, suppliers, competitors, operating costs, or trade secrets, are a few types of information that may not be available or are rarely disclosed about a company.


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