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TEAS: ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills


STEP 1 - Create an account for the TEAS®  exam through ATI Testing

STEP 2 - Schedule ATI Test

Appointments must be made within a testing center's hours of operation.

See: Testing Locations & Hours

  • Read the TEAS® Information below for instructions for test day, what you can bring into the test and how you will receive your scores.
  • TEAS scores will be recorded to your Davenport student records in Banner upon completion of the exam. 


STEP 1 - Pay $75 TEAS Exam Fee

The TEAS® entrance exam for Davenport University candidates is $75. This can be paid online using a credit card. There will be no refunds for the TEAS®.

STEP 2 - Pay Davenport Seat Fee

There is a $40 proctoring fee for those students testing for a school other than Davenport. This fee must be made in advance to secure your seat reservation.

All payments must be made with credit only. No cash or personal checks will be accepted.

Test Duration

Please allow 4 hours for check-in, taking the exam, and optional rest periods.

Retake Rule

You may take the TEAS®  as many times as you wish.

Day of Testing

When you come to take your test, you must bring:

  • Your ATI login ID and password
  • Your Davenport ID #
  • A government issued ID with photo, signature, and permanent address (such as a driver’s license)

Testing Center Policies

  • Calculators: ATI TEAS® has a four function calculator that is embedded within the exam.  Hand held calculator not allowed.
  • Personal Items: Personal items will not be accessible to candidates during their testing session.
  • Prohibited Items: All personal items including cell phones, computers, fitness trackers and other/any electronic devices, backpacks, purses, wallets, coats, hats (all non-religious), briefcases, all watches, books, notes and all other personal possessions. These items may be left in a car or placed in a secure area designated by Davenport staff. Cell phones are strictly prohibited. No Exceptions.

Score Results

  • Your scores are available immediately after the examination.
  • There is no “passing” score. Rather, your score will be compared to other nursing program applicants and is an important factor in the application review.  
  • Davenport University requires TEAS® scores.  TEAS® scores will be recorded into your Davenport student account. 

ADA Accommodations

Davenport University will provide reasonable accommodation(s) upon request to ensure equal access to University educational services and activities in the most integrated setting appropriate to the individual’s needs. 

Candidates must have documentation on file in order to receive accommodations. In order for Davenport to provide accommodation testing, candidates are required to register for their accommodations two weeks before the testing session date to ensure accommodations are properly met or candidates will be expected to test under standard testing conditions. Please visit our accommodation page for further information.

Study Resources

ATI’s online store has three products, the TEAS® Study Manual, a TEAS® Online Practice Assessment, and a combination package available to guide your review and provide feedback about your study progress. The above can be purchased at the ATI website, ATI Testing. The materials are optional and not required to take the TEAS. However, review of the study manual is strongly recommended.

The DU libraries have a TEAS study manual for the 7th version of the test. DU Nursing provides some material and practice quizzes for review purposes on the TEAS–Nursing Student Success guide.


ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) assessment is necessary for entrance into the Davenport University BSN nursing programs and is offered to current and prospective DU students at the Grand Rapids, Lansing, Midland and Warren campuses.

Davenport University offers the TEAS®  for all applicants regardless of the nursing program to which you are applying. The exam covers the following academic skill areas:

  • Reading – key ideas and details, craft and structure, and integration of knowledge ( 45 items, 55 minutes)
  • Math – numbers, algebra, measurement, and data  (38 items, 57 minutes)
  • Science –human anatomy and physiology, life and physical science, and scientific reasoning (50 items, 60 minutes)
  • English and Language Usage – conventions of standard English, knowledge of language, and vocabulary acquisition (37 items, 37 minutes)

Go to ATI Testing to learn more about the exams.

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