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NURS 600 Theoretical Foundation for Advanced Nursing Practice Guide

Health Promotion Model

Health Promotion Models, Scales, and More

Nola Pender's Health Promotion Model (published as a book Health promotion in nursing practice in 1982 and later revised in 1996 and 2002).
Susan N. Walker's Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile (published 1987 with Nola Pender)
Perceived Health Competence Scale (published 1995).
Barriers Scale (published 1991). 
BARRIERS: The barriers to research utilization scale, Funk, S.G.; Champagne, M.T.; Wiese, R.; Tornquist, E.M.
Benefits/Barriers Scale (developed 1987) Sechrist, K.R.; Walker, S.N.; Pender, N.J.
The Physicians' Competence in Substance Abuse Test (P-CSAT): A Multidimensional Educational Measurement Tool for Substance Abuse (Harris, J.; Sun, H.):
(Look for the actual scale in the Supplementary Materials section, where you will click on a link to view it.)