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Library Instruction +

Library Instruction +

Select from the following options

  • Online via Bb Collaborate - Online session for a class.

    • This can be for online or in-seat classes.

  • In the Classroom- Invite a librarian into your class for an in-person session.

    • Please give at least a 3-day notice when scheduling a session.

  • On-Demand Video - Created by your liaison librarian, it provides flexible online learning for students that is available when they need it.

    • Allow for one week for your librarian to get the video published. We will close caption the video and provide any links included. 

  • Credo Learning Tools- A combination of videos, tutorials, and quizzes to help students get started with research & critical thinking skills. 

    • Select or ask your liaison librarian to put together a combination of pieces from a list of Credo modules available to help your students understand how to research better or reinforce lesson components.

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