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DATA Library Guide

Data Analytics

Find Your Data

  1. Select a topic

    • Scroll through DU's list of Public Data Sources or Harvard Dataverse ("Browse by subject") for ideas.
    • Form your topic into a question to answer. Example: What contributes to childhood obesity?
  2. Choose keywords

    • Focus on main concepts.
    • Think of synonyms and other forms of the main concepts. Examples: obesity, child, kids
  3. Find your data in

    • Harvard Dataverse - an easily searchable and downloadable repository for research data on many subjects
    • Google Dataset Search - a new search service to find data from sciences, government, some news organizations
    • Statista - DU database covering many topics. To find raw data, look up the source information and go directly there.
    • Public Data Sources
    • Government Stats on Google
      • Search your keywords and add the word stats or dataset. Example search: child obesity dataset
      • Look for the source of the stats to see if the raw data is accessible
      • Use Google's Settings and Tools refinements to further refine your search
  4. Contact Data Librarian for more help

DATA Databases

Government Stats on Google

Search Google for Government Stats
Looking for: Search Tip: Example:
California Driving Statistics

To limit results to only California government websites:

At the end of your search, type:

driving statistics
National Employment Statistics

To limit results to U.S. Government websites:

At the end of your search, type:

employment statistics
Graduation Statistics

To limit results to Educational Institutions:

At the end of your search, type:

graduation statistics

DATA Tools

Ask Your Data Librarian

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