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Tutoring Services Guide

Use Appointment Calendars

Assistance with Appointment Calendars

1.  Questions about the appointment calendars?  View a demonstration video.
2.  Log into your Panther Mail first!! Doing this will make using the appointment calendar much easier.  If you don't follow this suggestion you will be asked to log in and you should then use your entire email address as the user name.

3.  All appointments must be made by 8:00 pm of the day before the appointment!  

4.  Please make just one appointment per day with a tutor.  You are welcome to stay longer.  If there is not another appointment after you the tutor can continue to work with you; if there is another appointment the tutor will check back with you after assisting the next appointment.  We need to allow access for all students! 
5.  Appointments not canceled at least 8 hours before the set time will result in the student being required to use tutoring as a walk-in service when they are already scheduled to be on campus.  No-shows are a waste of tutor time and university resources.  This would be in effect after the second incident.

6.  When you are making your appointment, if you should see hours that are different than those listed on the schedule, you may have a timezone difference.  Be sure all personal calendars are set to the Eastern time zone to solve this problem. Click on your calendar and choose "Calendar Settings."  This often happens if you have another Gmail account.



If you have questions contact

Campus Appointment Calendars

Click on your campus to go directly to the Appointment Calendar.

To browse your complete campus schedule, go to the Locations and Schedules tab. This will clearly show by appointment tutor hours.

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