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The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)

Software & Tools


A Database of DU Faculty, Staff, & Students


DU's Course Management System

Course Prep Calendar

Templates for DU's Academic Calendars for Online


DU's Human Resource System

Video/Audio Tools

Video Tools

Audio Tools


A Statistics Software Package Free to DU

Presentation Tools

Tools for DU Online Presentations

Safe Assign

DU's Plagiarism Checking Tool


Statistical Program for Data Analysis Free to DU

Video Tools

DU Video: Information

  • Video is an excellent way for faculty to communicate with students.
  • When recording, be respectful and conscientious of all your viewers.
  • Provide captioning and/or transcripts (for ADA compliance).

Blackboard Video: Information

  • You must use your Dmail account when creating a Blackboard video from YouTube, as it represents a component of your work at DU.

Blackboard Video: Ideas

  • Weekly announcements
  • Weekly introductions
  • Lecture on a particular concept
  • Going over rubric criteria
  • Summing up the week’s topics in the discussion boards
  • Demonstration of a hands-on concept that is difficult to explain in text

Video Tools

Audio Tools