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Entrepreneurial Center - Speaker Series 2017-2018

Mike Dokter

February 13, 2018 | 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Mike Dokter
Senior Vice President of Motown Property Group

"What I Wish I knew about Business at 19"
Starting a business can provide many challenges as well as learning opportunities. Mr. Dokter will discuss the common mistakes made early on in business ownership based on his experience.

about the speaker

For the past 15 years, Mike has spent his career in all areas of corporate America, new business development, and business ownership.  He started his first business when he was 19 and self admittedly, “Ran it straight into the ground”.  The life and business lessons he’s learned in this time have shaped how he runs his businesses today.

Mike is an entrepreneur and an educator.  He holds his BBA in Marketing and his Executive MBA from Davenport University.   Mike has worked with and consulted to many local, regional, and international companies including Coca-Cola, Metro PCS, Bethany Christian Services, and Captain Morgan.  Mike is originally from West Michigan and is an active college professor of Entrepreneurship and contributor at Davenport University where he focuses on Strategic Management and Creativity in his curriculum.

Currently, Mike is a Partner and Senior Vice President of Motown Property Group in Detroit, MI, educates for Davenport University and Fortune Builders, and runs his own company Na Zdrowie Ltd, a business education and consulting company located in West Michigan.

When he is not traveling, educating, or helping to redevelop Detroit, Mike is an avid outdoorsman and occasional gym rat.