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Proctoring Services

DU provides individualized test proctoring in selected campus testing centers. You do not need to be a DU student to take advantage of this service. Proctoring is by appointment only, so please have the test provider (educational institution, employer, or certification agency) contact Davenport University Testing Services Department at to arrange for testing and the materials to be delivered.


STEP 1 - Register for Proctoring Services

Appointments must be made within a testing center's hours of operation.

See: Testing Locations & Hours

There is also a $40 seat fee for all Non-DU affiliate test takers. This fee must be made in advance to secure your seat reservation: 

Testing Center Policies & Procedures

  • ID Requirements: Candidates must bring one non-expired, government or DU issued form of  photo identification such as a passport, a state-issued driver’s license, Identification card, or a student ID. You will not be allowed to test if you fail to present an appropriate ID.
  • Personal Items: Personal items will not be accessible to test takers during their testing session.
  • Prohibited Items: All personal items including cellular phones, computers and other electronic devices, bags, purses, wallets, coats, hats, briefcases, watches, books, notes and calculators (unless directed by the test provider), are not allowed during testing. These items may be left in a car or placed in a secure area designated by DU staff.   
  • Cell phones are strictly prohibited, No Exceptions.
  • Allowed Items: Candidates are only allowed to use the materials indicated by the test provider.
  • Expired Test: Candidates may not be permitted to take tests with expired deadlines unless the Testing Center is notified by the provider.
  • Assistance: The Administrator monitors the testing continuously and cannot assist students with questions related to the exam.
  • Accommodations: Please contact the testing center for further information.

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Specific Test Instructions

Contact Testing