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About DU Libraries

Privacy Policy

On ("Library Guides" a.k.a. "LibGuides"), davenport ("Library Help" a.k.a. "LibAnswers" or "FAQs"), and ("LibWizard" a.k.a. "LibSurveys") pages, DU Libraries uses 2 tracking methods:

  1. SpringshareTM internal tools - see privacy policy
  2. Google AnaltyicsTM - see privacy policy ("Library Guides" a.k.a. "LibGuides") additionally uses:

DU Libraries also uses Google Analytics to track from the following domains:

  • ("Summon" a.k.a. "The Library Search Box")
  • ("JournalFinder")
  • ("Library Catalog")

These are used in compliance with Davenport University's Privacy Policy.

By default users are tracked via these tools. Users may opt-out/opt-in from being tracked by:

  1. Using Google Analytic's Opt-Out Browser Add-On
  2. Visiting the FullStory Opt-Out Link